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SARMs Quality and Value

Not all SARMs are created equal. A deep dive of SARMS reviews found virtually all SARMs are created in China with little or no quality control and about 50% are cut with cornstarch or other fillers, leaving little to no active SARMs chemicals in the finished product.

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SARMs Capsules ValueThe issue of SARMs quality and value came into focus in a recent “investigation involving chemical analyses of 44 products marketed as selective androgen receptor modulators and sold via the internet, most products contained unapproved drugs and substances. Only 52% contained SARMs and many were inaccurately labeled” (source). Only 41% contained SARMs in the dosages advertised. Generally speaking, we can conclude that about 60% of all SARMs sold are either fake or underdosed.

Many SARMs pills or liquid bottle labels show a Made in the USA and/or US Flag on the label. This is always false, and should be your first warning sign to avoid the brand and seller. All SARMs are developed from raw form powder assay in labs of varying quality, compliance, and cleanliness in China — a few are in Europe, but mostly China. No SARMs are “Made in the USA”, as claimed.

Unfortunately, many SARM suppliers are as fake as the SARMs they sell. The typical approach to selling SARMs is to buy low-dosed bulk powder from China, add a very small amount to a dropper bottle, fill the remainder of the bottle with MCT oil or another liquid suspension, and sell the cheap, dilluted, inconvenient liquid-dropper form at a ridiculously high price.

SARMS PowderBecause results vary quite a bit by research subject, there’s no easy way to know if the purity has been dilluted, even if one suspects the SARMs are partially or completely ineffective. The seller knows they won’t see this buyer again, but they’ve already made their profit and are on to the next buyer. Lab results, such as COA’s are either duplicated, outdated, or simply nonexistent.

Most of the remaining 10% of SARMs sellers overprice their products, aware of the difficulties many have in procuring SARMs. Those who take the extra expense to develop convenient pills, tablets, or capsules will often cut their product with inert ingredients (such as cornstarch), plus lower the dosage anyway, and/or they’ll reduce the number of capsules per bottle.

SARMTECH, however, is built on a different business model. One that’s fair, and dedicated to providing repeat buyers maximum value with every purchase:

Procure the highest-grade SARM stock, tested and confirmed with COAs and HLPC lab reports, and buy in quantity. Develop a high-dose, pharma-grade, high-efficacy, convenient capsulized form, and sell in a higher-quantity bottle at a fair price.

SARMTECH continues to disrupt the SARMs market with long-needed sanity, by offering highly-tested and high quality SARMs at fair prices.



SARMs Project No-BS
SARMTECH Project No-BS — Bringing Transparency and Legitimacy to SARMs






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