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SARMS on Amazon?

The availability of SARMS for sale on Amazon and other sites, including eBay, has been a roller coaster over the last 12 months. One day there might be an entire page of search results for “LGD”, the next day every product and link removed. Amazon has always taken a harder-than-average stance against the supplement industry, especially sport nutrition or PED-like products,ย  but SARMS as an entirely new category was often able to fly under the radar — for awhile at least.

SARMs on Amazon
SARMs on eBay and Amazon?

When SARMS really began gaining popularity a few years ago, due in part to emerging doping scandals in sports leading to increased public awareness, and as evidenced by increased Google and A9 (Amazon’s search engine) searches, Amazon’s Category Managers were told to take notice. They were forced to learn about this new class of drugs, mostly for the purposes of understanding which keywords to feed the A9 product-banning filter. Buy why? If one can purchase and eat sea kelp and plankton — also not FDA Approved — which has the same number of dangerous side-effects (zero) and studies showing those dangers (zero), why ban SARMS?

Who is sounding (false) alarm bells in Bellevue? The answer is the same as in Utah and Washington, where Senator Orin Hatch and the Trump administration, respectively, have attached their names to the 2018 SARMS Control Act. Large supplement manufacturers (many based in Utah, Orin’s territory) and big pharma corporations, that’s who. They’re the whistle blowers and bill writers. They have the most to lose, financially-speaking of course, especially since SARMS are not mainstream and, thus, sold by smaller companies. These smaller companies transact much of their business in cryptocurrency, which further worries state and federal taxation authorities. Some speculate, too, that federal agencies such as DEA, hoping to stay relevant (and funded) in a post-“war on drugs” era are chiming in on how “bad” SARMS are … they don’t know why… they just are.

Undeterred, Amazon sellers continue to find creative ways to list SARMS on Amazon, including misspellings (“carderine”), abbreviations (“Ibuta”), name derivations (“S/4”) and pseudo-names (“Osta-muscle”).ย  Performing Google searches such as Amazon SARMS for Weight Loss, or SARMS for Muscle Growth on Amazon , or simply SARMS on Amazon will show traces of what’s left behind when Amazon puts forth human and algorithmic efforts to clean house each day.

SARMs on Amazon keyword search
SARMs on Amazon keyword search

These links will point to eBooks, page-not-found errors, non-SARM products, etc. — not one of them to an actual SARMS product listing.

Perhaps the most interesting of these links is Amazon’s own paid Google Adwords ad at the top of the page, “Sarms Supplements on Amazon – Low Priced Sarms Supplements”! Amazon is clearly taking advantage of the growing popularity of SARMS (in daily use and in keyword searches) while, at the same time, espousing a zero-tolerance policy toward these “bad” drugs. Hypocrites or smart marketers? You decide.



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