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Sustainability Measures

Several prominent SARMs sellers have recently closed or been shut down, causing the usual craziness. Details and video link below.

To meet our service promises and reduce panic buying/hoarding, cart limits of $149 minimum (before discounts) and $750 maximum** are in place for all orders.

We’ve had a hell of a time lately trying to run the business and meet our everyday fulfillment promises: same-day shipping and always being in stock.

There’s a massive influx of new customers, mostly testing us with small orders, but some going the other direction with “wipe out” level panic-buy orders.

Despite what may seem like a windfall, there’s no long term sustainability or profit in that model:
* Hoarding wipes out inventory and pisses off loyal customers.
* Mass micro-orders do not allow us to get orders out each day since a 1-bottle order takes almost as much time as a 10-bottle order.
* Excessive orders cap out our payment gateways and/or raise their scrutiny.
* Plus it sacrifices CS, disrupts our supply chain, makes weekly production & staff schedules impossible to write, and a variety of other ‘roller coaster’ problems.

Therefore, the following sustainability measures are currently in place:

   (1) $149 minimum per order (before discounts)

   (2) $750 maximum** per order

   (3) One order per week per customer (based on account and shipping address)

** regular business buyers: contact us for further details.


What’s Happening?

SARMs sellers come and go every day, mostly UGLs and one-man-bands. But recent shutdowns of some bigger market players are causing disruption, panic buying and hoarding.

Two sellers in Europe were shut down after a government raid of one, and the preventative fear closure of the other. One in the US from a combination of issues — most notably an ignored ‘cease & desist’ warning. And with another recent US closure, the owner explicitly cited the FDA was responsible » video:

We’re getting lots of questions but we don’t have solid answers. Much like the China source ban scare a couple years ago and the last 2 years’ (unsuccessful) attempts by the US Congress to enact the SARMs Control Act, we don’t have a crystal ball.

All we can do is look at the facts and what’s currently happening. The handwriting appears to be on the wall, but we don’t know anything beyond that.





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