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Referral Partners Program

We’re always looking for experienced marketers to help spread the word about us!

If you have a relevant website, social media account(s), or other ways to send customers our way, we’ll make it a win/win.

We offer $40 per new customer referral.

Payouts are monthly, via PayPal or Transferwise.

The system is automated (referral credit given at time of order completion), and you can track your referrals anytime in your SARMTECH account under Referrals.

SARMTECH Referral Partners
SARMTECH Referrals (4000 points = $40)

Some of our Referral Partners earn 10-20k per month.

When someone visits our site with your referral link (eg. https://sarm.tech/?ref=56789), your ”referral cookie” remains on their browser for 6 months so you get recorded as the referrer any time they come back and make their first purchase.

  • $40 credit for each referred paying customer.
  • Credit is earned for referred’s first order only.
  • Credit records when referred’s order is “completed” (paid and shipped).
  • $40 credits appear as 4000 points in your Referrals page (example above).
  • Minimum earnings for monthly payout is $120.

Referral Partners is an upgrade from our regular Rewards & Referral program, so you need to request membership. It takes work on our end so we don’t accept just anyone with an IG account.

To sign up, email us at info@sarm.tech, and request a Referral Partner membership. Include exactly how you will send traffic — links to web properties, etc. — and also your PayPal email.




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