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James’ Do’s & Don’ts

Hey friends, James here. Just want to add my thoughts on returns and some other issues we often have conversations about, so hopefully I can help improve research outcomes and maybe save some folks time…

Issue #1 – Customer thinks our SARMs are bad because after a couple weeks (or days) they don’t notice much.

Please don’t be this guy. We have the industry’s most generous return policy. We have zero problem giving a refund, especially at our volume. But asking for a refund after a few days because your research subject doesn’t look like Arnold is just wasting your time and ours.

Your research needs a minimum of 6-8 weeks of solid focus. And of course your subject’s sleep, nutrition, training, etc needs to be on point.

Magic Pills? Nope

There’s no such thing. Sometimes we’ll get “your products don’t work, I want a refund”. Ok, no problem. But we’ll hear from these guys months later … they’ve bounced from seller to seller, compound to compound, and the problem isn’t the SARMs. By the time they’ve figured this out they’re disillusioned and have wasted heaps of time and energy.

Be focused and disciplined with your research – the results will come.

Goals – Each SARM is Unique

While results are always subjective, we get a LOT of “Wow” feedback and reviews with our anabolic SARMs, such as S4, LGD, S23, and RAD (esp. when run with YK11 and MK6). But each SARM has different properties and was developed for a specific purpose. Study the Research Profiles on each SARM product page.

Compounds such as Ostarine (MK-2866), Cardarine (GW-501516), and Stenabolic (SR-9009) are popular, but they are NOT considered anabolics; they have specific use cases (cutting, typically) and will show impressive — but less dramatic — effects over longer periods of time.

Do your research – know what your goals are and what you’re ordering.

If you find yourself disillusioned (like Joey) or pissed (like Shannon), because you’re not seeing the magical results you have in your head, it means one or more of these:
   (1) You’re new to SARMs
   (2) You ordered the wrong compound for your goals
   (3) You didn’t test long enough or have incorrect expectations (see A Friend of SARMTECH below)
   (4) You’re fudging or not looking at the big picture (daily Cardarine does not equal “now an extra slice of chocolate cake daily is ok too”)
   (5) Your subject is “genetically reluctant” (see YMMV below), or
   (6) You don’t know what you’re talking about.

99% or more of the time the solution is to choose a compound more appropriate for your goals, test longer, be more disciplined/tighten focus, or choose a compound your physiology will better respond to (may or may not be a SARM).

A Friend of SARMTECH

A friend of mine, who is also a SARMTECH customer and household name (but will remain anonymous for compliance) put it this way —

SARMs for Bulking β€” SARMs and prohormones are right to be considered primarily as anabolic or bulking agents. RAD140 and LGD4033 are popular examples, although older-and-trusted S4 and newer-and-stronger S23 are also common anabolics. Most [research subjects] usually respond quickly with expected results using these anabolic SARMs, especially at and beyond the 6 week mark.

SARMs for Cutting β€” SARMs and prohormones should not be considered cutting agents, per se, and certainly not stims. But since GW501516’s primary outcome is boosting physiological endurance and SR9009’s is hunger prevention and metabolic enhancement, prolonged use is often associated with fat loss. However, new or uneducated [researchers] looking for drastic or quick changes are often frustrated because they were told SARMs are amazing and have quick and dramatic effects (probably by a friend who was referring to an anabolic SARM).

Whether bulking or cutting, many often add MK2866 and/or MK677 and/or YK11 to the mix.

β€” MK2866 binds to androgen receptors in bone and surrounding tissue, often gaining it the reputation “injury recovery/injury prevention SARM”.
β€” MK677 is similar to GH or GF1 in its effects. It’s often stacked with other SARMs, to bulkΒ or cut — or, like GH, run by itself at a higher dose.
β€” YK11, while not technically a SARM, inhibits myostatin production, allowing the body to temporarily block built-in safety restrictions on rapid muscle growth.

Stacks, such as the ones you [SARMTECH] sell, are good for those looking for an entry point at a discount on popular combinations for common SARMs protocols. However, advanced researchers are more surgical in their selection, depending on where exactly they’re at and what specific goal(s) they are seeking.

For example, we might use a term like “lean bulk” (trying to accomplish two different, seemingly opposite things at once) and create a focussed protocol around RAD140, MK677, GW501616, and SR9009 to use synergistically. This is successful only when you know the primary underlying drivers of physical enhancement — nutrition, sleep, and training — and levelset a correct expectation for your PEDs: that they are the “extra edge”, not the “main thing”.

I hope this information helps!

~ a friend of SARMTECH


… if our SARMs don’t work for you… then no SARMs will work for you…

There are, in fact, some research subjects whose physiology is “genetically reluctant” to PEDs or to SARMs or to change in general, but this is the exception not the rule. Still, even when it seems this is the case, my bet is 100 to 1 that it’s a different issue that can be corrected with increased focus and discipline.

We test more than anyone. We never “maybe have a bad batch.” All batches get a manufacturer’s COA and then TWO third party lab tests. This “Triple Lab Verification” ensures our products meet or exceed the shown purity and dosage levels. View all lab tests Β». If our SARMs don’t work for you, no SARMs will work for you.

We have the largest repository of SARMs reviews on the planet — the comments and ratings disbursement there, good and bad reviews alike, paint a fairly reliable picture of the sometimes subjective nature of SARMs research chemicals.

‘Side’ Effects

Sometimes we get emails or return requests from researchers whose lab subjects are experiencing xyz symptoms or undesirable (side) effect/s; half the time it’s routine stuff, the other half it’s the wildest shit you’ve (n)ever heard of.

Some SARMs do have frequently-reported side effects: S-4 slight yellow tint to vision, MK-677 increased appetite, etc. — things you’ve read about for years. However, SARMs’ overall pharmacological and physiological footprint has been shown historically — over a decade now — to be relatively small, especially compared with typical benefits, and especially compared with AA alternatives.

The problem in most of these cases is improper research and guessing. A trained researcher is disciplined day-to-day, then adds a single (one) compound to his routine. Then, leaving everything else the same, he carefully observes the outcomes. This is different than a scatter-gun or on/off approach of living like shit for years then one day changing everything: nutrition, training, sleeping, drastic change at work or relationships, jumping on 5 new & untested pills, etc. and wondering where/how/why the wheels fell off.

So no, I’m sorry, but your SARMs are probably not the issue. I’m not saying they’re definitely not, and I’m not saying don’t return your products, but think it through — perhaps do a reset on your approach.

We err on the side of caution by responding to every such return request with “no problem, here’s where to return them…”, but my personal advice is to have a hard look at every other compound in the mix and the subject’s overall daily activities. Since our return policy is very generous — “any time, any reason” — it’s wise to not be in a rush. Use expert advice on different dosages/timing/pauses and systematically eliminate other possible variables (other compounds, sleep/training/nutrition patterns), and see how it goes. Or not, it’s up to you.

SARMs Project No-BS

Issue #2 – Customer gets wrapped around the axle because their complaint seems to fall on deaf ears.

Your email is important to us, but only as much as those from the other thousands of customer orders we process every week. If you don’t like your research results from our products, you’ll get a mostly generic email with return instructions. That’s it.

Even if we could legally discuss all the in’s and out’s of your SARMs research with you (we can’t), we just don’t have the bandwidth, and we’ve learned the hard way these usually become protracted and useless discussions. We work long hours already, and hiring extra staff to sit and and go back and forth on silly questions would only raise prices for the >95% who are killing it with their research (or if they’re not, they pretty much know, even if privately, why they’re not).


Issue #3 – Customer asks why we aren’t peddling SARMs on forums, or wants our take on a “review” they read, or wants to cancel an order based on some forum comment.

What’s happening on certain forums is a crime … a few companies with lots of fake accounts touting their products and tearing down others.

There are hundreds of SARMs sellers, but only a select few company names dominate the discussion on these forums — why do you think that is?

Dozens of ‘helpful bro’ accounts that pounce on just about every question, legitimate or staged. These ‘good samaritans’ spend their days getting post alerts and trolling the subs.

Do you really think even the most bored, needy, jobless, gym rat would be this active on a single subforum? No. It’s a game. One that we don’t play.

”Source Talk” forums…
Can't Fix Stupid
aka Kiss-a-Bro forums:

We don’t waste a minute of our day on these platforms, nor do we entertain silly questions about BS some anonymous ‘bro’ wrote about us, good or bad. Only a noob can’t evaluate those posts for what they are — subjective opinions at best, bogus from competitors at worst — and those are the same noobs that are also the most likely to waste their time and ours with issue #1 & #2 above.

If you want it straight, see our Reviews … they aren’t the gleaming, steaming BS you’ll read on SARMs source talk forums, but at least they’re real.

In 2018, after weeks of helplessly watching the colonoscopy of fake forum bro warfare, some targeted tear-down bs about us, and the futility of any rational discussion there, we decided the best thing we could do for the industry, for us, and for our customers is to double-down on quality, service, and consistency within our own 4 walls. We are 100% dedicated to providing:

  1. Solid products at fair prices with rigorous 3-lab testing (see Q&A #2)
  2. The industry’s most generous return policy (see Q&A #9)
  3. Full transparency on SARMs research outcomes with the largest repository of SARMs Reviews on the planet.

– and to do these things better than anyone else.

These things come at a cost (our margins are lower than industry average) but you have rewarded our efforts with incredible sales over the past 5 years. We’re especially thankful for all the repeat sales from our constantly returning customers.

Thanks guys!

Kind regards,
~ James


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SARMs Project No-BS
SARMTECH Project No-BS β€” Bringing Transparency and Legitimacy to SARMs





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