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SARMs Project No-BS
SARMTECH Project No-BS — Bringing Transparency and Legitimacy to SARMs

Hey guys, James here…

We are occasionally asked a strange question…

Are your products legit?


Is SARMTECH legit?

We ship out hundreds of orders every day — we’re slammed, some days only able to make our same-day shipping promise with mass OT!

We’re flooded everyday with emails, product reviews, and feedback form responses thanking us for our excellent products and service.

We’re continuously writing checks to the most expensive raw suppliers and third party labs and posting the test results.

After 4 years (an eternity for SARMs sellers) and over 200,000 orders — going to return customers 70% of the time — we’re still astonished how few product returns we get (maybe 1 a week), despite our crazy volume and open-ended return policy.

We label 3 activities — publishing all product reviews, providing extra lab testing, and offering a complete satisfaction guarantee — as “ONLY SARMTECH” because, honestly, nobody else is doing these things.

And there are other deliberate things we do to cut through BS and achieve the highest possible level of legitimacy and transparency in a business that people have rightly become suspicious of…

Transparency — it’s kinda our thing:

  • We don’t exaggerate the effectiveness of SARMs for every user and use case
  • We make counter-intuitive statements (from a seller) like “SARMs may not work for you” (although this is the exception not the rule) โ€” James’ Do’s & Don’ts
  • We say things like “more is not always better” such as in Q&A #4
  • We stop fakery with our Genuine SARMTECH unique-bottle-coding system (lots of sites out there peddling “sarmtech” as their own)
  • We track and publish Customs seizures & shipping issues
  • Our site shows only real photos of actual products (not photoshop mock-ups from a marketing agency)
  • We completely fill bottles to the top with 90 capsules (not 30-60 capsules plus air and cotton) then double-seal them > a PS22 air seal + shrink-band safety-seal
  • We track the SARMs Control Act and China SARMs ban with only facts, not scare tactics
  • SARMs Project No-BS
    SARMTECH Project No-BS — Bringing Transparency and Legitimacy to SARMs
  • We don’t put “Made in USA” on our labels because no SARMs raw powders are; if the other guys are saying this what else are they BS’ing about?
  • We have a robust and transparent FAQ page that’s very comprehensive about what you can expect from SARMs and from SARMTECH — no surprises
  • Nervous? We allow you to cancel — after you place an order you see a ‘Cancel order’ button up top until the time it’s shipped
  • Still nervous? We allow you to return your order, any-time, any-reason, even if opened and half used.

So with that daily backdrop of doing everything we can to provide the best possible products, customer experience, and honesty, I suppose it’s natural for us to read “Is your stuff legit?” and be taken aback โ€” it’s like “Huh? What? Still? Sigh… yes sir, our business and our products are legitimate.” ๐Ÿคฆโ€โ™‚๏ธ

We have to remember back to when and why we started SARMTECH, and that there are in fact a lot of sellers who don’t operate with integrity. We started out with only 2 employees (now 9) and most sellers are just some dude in mom’s basement with a home-brewed side gig.

You have to think about the mindset of these side-gig gym-rat guys — a kilo of SARMs isn’t cheap (try buying 15-30 at a time!), particularly RAD-140, SR-9009, and YK-11 … up to $20k/kg. It’s possible, even likely, that a lot of these guys cut or dilute their stock to stretch it further.

Speaking of RAD, I’m reminded of a comment I got from one of our chemists during a recent discussion of HPLC vs. Mass Spectrometry testing protocols. I asked him about it when I had a new potential supplier push back on me when I said his HPLC-only COA’s weren’t good enough (HPLC can find the purity % level, but can’t positively identify which compound it’s testing for… could be 99.6% pure cornstarch!!). We pay for the more expensive tests utiliing Mass Spec, or HPLC plus FTIR combo which can achieve the same thing, and we complete testing before we put a batch into production. Below is a snippet from that conversation:

SARMs HPLC vs Mass Spec Testing

“RAD-140 is the most faked compound I see.” His wording suggests he sees a lot of it! Call me old fashioned but it still blows my mind to hear this. I’d like to think there are relatively few domestic sellers knowingly selling fake or cut product — that the problem lies in their not testing their upstream source/s. And yes, we have thrown away entire kilo’s. It happened early in 2020 when old suppliers left the business and were replaced by new ones, and we hadn’t yet learned to start smaller with a potential new supplier.

We also have to remember that a lot of customers have bought and used crap product before, so they’re (rightfully) sketched out about the industry in general. In that context, “Is SARMTECH legit?” is actually a fair and rational question.

And throwing water on this grease fire of doubt and confusion are the fucking forums! The mindless cesspool of unending bro-pinions that find their way to top of Google. I’m told we’re regularly under attack from competitors on bs talk — oops I mean “source” talk — forums (aka kiss-a-bro forums). My shop manager informed me about 2 years ago we were going to start including Janoshik Analytical in our testing labs since some “good samaritan” genius half-emptied some of our MK677 capsules and sent them to Jano for the sole purpose of trying to discredit us. My manager’s logic was fight fire with fire. This was about the time we really started blowing up and, presumably, taking away a lot of business from our competitors.

…throwing water on this grease fire of doubt and confusion are the fucking forums!

So we sent in the same batch for quantitative analysis and got a 3-capsule average of 15.4 mg/capsule (on our “15 mg” MK-677). Snooping this good bro-maritan’s other posts it became apparent which competitor he worked for (you’d know the name) and when he was called out mysteriously some of his other posts and comments were deleted and he replied “nah, I work at McDonald’s” … on the heals of him saying he spends “5 or 6 hundred a month on gear from all different suppliers” and he’s “cool with spending $350 each on lab testing all my gear to know what I’m getting and also help others out”. Lol, you can’t make this shit up! Guess I need to go back and check my McDonald’s pay-stubs from when I was a teenager to see what happened to my bonus checks and stock options. Really? This is what they’re spending their goddamn time on?? Can’t win the game the right way with top-tier products and service, so use bs and russian-style misinformation campaigns to tear down the comp instead??

”Source Talk” forums…
Can't Fix Stupid
aka Kiss-a-Bro forums:

You can easily waste literally hours absorbed in nonsense 20-page colonoscopies on these forums. Knuckleheads with religious certitude on every topic, no matter how subjective, irrelevant, or inane, pushing their opinions and assumptions as facts on things that are pretty much unknowable outside of expensive and planned corporate or university-sponsored double-blind studies and clinical trials. These days any doink with an iPhone and account history (of loitering around and contaminating the information space) on some forum is a self-conceived biophysicist.

I personally don’t give 2 shits about any of the back and forth on these forums since it’s the opposite of intelligible information. Even calling it bro science would be a compliment (but an insult to real science). In fact these days I’m grateful for the “weeding out” effect these forums have. Whether it’s misinformed nonsense or competitors waging disinformation campaigns, the undiscerning who buy into it are not our target audience. 95% of our headaches are from this same small minority who tend to inhabit these forums, don’t know anything about PED’s and research, and don’t get how real life works.

The best we can do as a company, industry, and community is to be as open and honest as possible (why our SARMs Reviews page, uniquely, includes low-star reviews and even rants), let 1000s of real people do their research, and wait for the educated, nuanced and circumspect voices to shine through the bs.

All this to say: Yes, our products are legit. Yes, SARMTECH is legit. And if you haven’t yet joined the almost 100,000 loyal customers who have researched with our products, you have my word and our company guarantee you won’t be disappointed or, if you are, you can return your products for a full refund, no questions asked.

Kind regards,


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