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Customs-Proof Stealth Shipping

We now offer specialized "Customs-Proof" packaging and shipping for international (non-US) destinations.

Your order WILL get through Customs, or your money back.

Product will not be in bottles, as normal, but photos and complete details will be emailed to you upon shipping.

The price is a little more ($30 base cost, plus $5/bottle), but worth it for certain countries with strict Customs.

We recommended our Customs-Proof Stealth shipping for Australia and other countries with Customs seizure risk estimated at 20% or higher (find yours below):

Customs Seizure Risk Estimates   **UPDATED NOV 25 2020**


Military, APO/FPO/DPO

UKIrelandIsraelJordanJapanUS Territories

CanadaHong KongKuwaitUAEQatarSaudi ArabiaTurkeyother Middle EastVietnamPhilippines


AustraliaItalySpainPortugalGermanyRussiaPolandHungaryCzechCroatiaRomaniaEU – otherCentral America

Orders shipped with Customs-Proof Stealth are 100% guaranteed (your money back, including shipping costs, if seized at Customs).

"Regular Shipping" includes USPS First Class and Priority Mail. These are still very good numbers compared to other sellers, due to the special tactics we use to declare, invoice, and ship. International orders shipped with regular shipping are not guaranteed.

Few SARMs sellers ship internationally now, and if you ask those that do about shipping to your country they’ll just say “no problem”. But there are problems, and some countries are very difficult indeed!

At SARMTECH we track and publish our Customs Risk estimates as part of our overall effort toward 100% transparency and legitimacy in who we are and what we offer.

We single out Australia in our Customs risk comments for a few reasons. First, Australian authorities have banned local SARMs sales within their borders and has really cracked down on these laws during 2020.

Thus, we’ve seen a big spike in orders from our friends down under. But with these increases in importing SARMs, Australian Border Force (AU Customs) has renewed their efforts to stop SARMs — and many other products — at the border, usually in Perth.

Besides Australia, certain other countries’ Border & Customs agencies have long been problematic as well when it comes to importing SARMs. Most European countries (particulary Italy) are quite strict, and Scandinavian countries are no picnic either.

Even with regular First Class and Priority Mail shipping options, we employ a variety of techniques to reduce risk of our orders being inspected or seized — much more than our competitors we are often told.

But now, our Customs-Proof Stealth shipping for SARMs represents the peak level of this work.

Please read our comprehensive Q&A on Customs Shipping & Risk to learn more about what Customs agents look for and which orders are “randomly” inspected, what risk or liability is on the sender or customer when a parcel is seized, and what happens next.

Our Customs-Proof Stealth shipping costs a little more, but it’s as close as it gets to fool-proof — and if your order is seized with this method we’ll refund it in full, including the shipping cost.

Shipping speed is same as First Class, which is around 2 weeks but can vary greatly, especially during the pandemic.

To choose Customs-Proof Stealth shipping for your SARMs order simply click the option at Checkout as shown below.

SARMs Customs-Proof Shipping
SARMs Customs-Proof Shipping




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