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Corona, Covid-19, and SARMs

Social distancing and sheltering in place are starting to feel more like prison lock down or solitary confinement for some.

During this time of shut-down many have asked if we’re still open and shipping. YES, we are open! We are here for you.

Shipping – Our shipping team has adjusted shifts but continue to meet your same-day shipping needs (6 pm EST cut-off time). USPS has experienced a few hiccups due to staffing issues and temp training, at a time when online sales are at an all-time high.

That said, they are getting out the mail! Delays are common, as well as a disturbing trend of skipping some steps, such as scan ins/outs during transit. And international-shipped mail sometimes has added delays with stafffing issues and backlogs in Customs (ours and other countries). Despite the delays, the delivery % remains at virtually 100%.

Sanitation – As if we weren’t obsessed enough with quality and cleanliness, we’ve stepped things up even more. Extra sanitation measures are in force in our production and shipping areas. Your product — from powder to pills to packaging — is handled with the greatest of care.

SARMs were originally created to fight muscular atrophy for sedentary patients with catabolic muscle-wasting conditions …

We know this is a difficult time… less freedom to do the things you love, and lots of places such as gyms are closed. So we’ve introduced a special new stack:

The SARMs Maintenance Mode stack was created for researchers looking to use SARMs to combat muscle catobolism due to sedentary lifestyle conditions imposed by Corona virus and Covid-19.

SARMs were originally created to inhibit muscular atrophy and the degenerative effects on related systems for sedentary patients with catabolic muscle-wasting conditions such as cancer or patients (such as burn victims) requiring prolonged physical down-time (source). Ostarine was created to also enhance bone density and as an androgenic therapy may have regenerative growth effects on surrounding tissue as well (source).

** NEW **Ostarine & Cardarine ‘Maintenance Mode’ Stack

Anti-catabolic properties of mildly-anabolic Ostarine to protect gains and keep muscle on, increased metabolism from energy-enhancing properties of Cardarine to keep weight off, plus FreeUp natural-ingredients testosterone booster.

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The Maintenance Mode Stack, like the rest of our Stacks, is a great value at 25% off regular sold-separately prices.

We’re very grateful to you, our customers. We know you have many choices. Our returning customer rate continues at about 70%, a ridulously high number for any ecommmerce, and word-of-mouth is basically our only advertising.

As always, thank you for choosing SARMTECH.



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