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Covid-19 & USPS:

We continue to meet our Same-day Shipping promise (orders in by 6 pm EST).

Due to staffing/temp/training issues related to Covid, USPS is experiencing shipping delays and missed tracking updates (scan-ins).

Most orders won’t notice anything different. But sometimess both of these things are happening (shipping delay AND missed scan-ins) resulting in customers looking at dated tracking info that makes it appear their order is stuck or hasn’t even shipped.

International (outside-USA) deliveries are taking even longer as they also have to wind through understaffed and backlogged Border & Customs checkpoints in both countries.

Despite delays, however, shipments ARE getting delivered, and with the same high accuracy as before.

FedEx and UPS are in the same boat. We use USPS since they are bound to US Search & Seizure laws — they cannot legally open your package — since they are not a private company

We ship thousands of orders every week so we’re being flooded with emails everyday with questions about USPS issues we can’t give a satisfactory answer to. Because we can’t answer, this leads to multi-day email exchanges where we try our best to comfort our rightfully-impatient customers on into the late evenings, 7 days a week, working and paying significant overtime to do so.

We are now looking at having to raise prices to pay this overtime and hire additional staff just for the one job of answering one shipping question that only has one answer: “It’s running late, but it IS coming.”

I have decided that we will not raise prices and will not hire that extra staff. Instead, emails asking “Where’s my order?” are now being directed to this message.

We are very thankful and humbled to have so many loyal customers and to be selling the kinds of products that people want to get into their hands on right now, and we definitely understand the frustration of waiting, but we have no influence on the nation’s postal service or the ability to speed up a single package making its way through the 472-million-shipments-per-day mailstream.

If you have a tracking # please be patient – your order IS on its way. If it’s been longer than 30 days (or 90 non-US) please see next steps here.

Kind Regards,


Before you email…

  • Read our FAQ.
  • Your USPS tracking link is the only available information on earth – check it here:
    My Account > Orders.
  • We do not offer phone support.
  • SARMs are not FDA-authorized for human consumption and we can’t legally discuss your individual research study with you.
  • Refunds & returns — read this first.
  • Forgot to put your order # on your Cash App or Zelle payment? It’s ok – as long as the name matches your order we’ll know.


If you ask about your order’s shipping status you’ll get this response: “View your tracking info here. Also read our Shipping FAQ.”

You want your stuff asap! We get it. And we appreciate it — That’s why we ship fast — Same-day on orders placed before 6 pm EST.

Although we can’t control USPS, rest assured your order IS on its way.




    Important: If you haven’t heard back from us within 2 business days (ie. weekdays) check your spam folder (mark any emails found there as ‘safe’).


    Contact us by mail:

    Lytchett House
    13 Freeland Park
    Wareham Road
    Poole, Dorset, BH16 6FA


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